Saturday, January 31, 2015

Popolamama for Pasta

One of the reasons we love Popolamama is because of its charming interior, which is perfect for friends, food and laughter.

Passing through the Grand Indonesia skybridge, you’d notice this restaurant right away. It has one of the best spot on the bridge. Grand Indonesia is one of our sanctuaries from regular office food served at our canteen. 

Eating here, we always start with pasta and dough balls with garlic and butter on the side.The dough balls came first (the’re appetizer anyway) and they are great, not too chewy not to hard. The fried garlic and melted butter are also great. 

The yummy appetizer
Ruth: So, yesterday I had Popolamama for lunch. One friend wanted to try.
Fiona: Yes, I remember Popolamama, it’s the restaurant we had dinner once with everyone from the office, right?
Ruth: Yeah, the one at Grand Indonesia. What did you ordered?
Fiona: I think it’s too oily.
Ruth: I ordered the Chicken Aglio Olio and it’s surprisingly spicy and sharp. Thankfully I ordered Ice Lychee Tea for the drink.

Chicken Aglio Olio
The pasta has no obvious sauce and is covered in green. So, when another coworker ordered a different kind of Pasta, it looks similar to the other ones on the table.

The waiter suggested pizza in the beginning, maybe we should have gone with pizza instead. They look great and they now come in personal portion in case there’s no one else to share. If you’re worried about the price – which can be a little high for some pocket, try the set menu which comes with drink, mini salad and ice cream. Guaranteed will make you happy.

Where is this?
Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 3A, West Mall
(021) 2358 0415
Twitter: @Popolamama_ID

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