Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Dill Kind of Lunch

We're stuck with no idea what to have for lunch when a friend tag us for a short trip to Plaza Indonesia because she needed to get her bag from the laundry. Then we remember about Dill.

Serving a combination of sandwiches, pasta and Asian rice dishes, Dill is also home to various good-looking desserts and pastries. Ruth ordered Chicken Ranch Sandwich Set, which includes fries and coffee for additional Rp15k. The sandwich is tasty although the crispy bread made it a little messy to eat. Fiona's Spinach Mushroom Egg is too runny and the sauce is not as creamy as preferred. 
Fiona: How's your Americano?
Ruth: It's okay. You can get this taste anywhere though. Is that your latte?
Fiona: Yes... I thought it was a hot chocolate. I was expecting some latte art. *cry*


We went with two other friends, each with their own perks and favorites. So here's what on our menu:
Blushing Ice Tea (29k)
Chicken Ranch set (48k)
Korean Spicy chicken (34k)
Roasted Duck Noodle (60k)
Spinach Mushroom Egg (55k)

We spotted people working on laptops and having meetings at Dill. With its homey place, hidden under the escalator on LB level of Plaza Indonesia, no wonder many opts for this place for business meetings. Overall it's a great place to visit with friends. It's pretty for pictures too. ATM is nearby which was usually one of our reasons to go out at lunch that day.

We still have to try the dessert.

Dill Interior
Where is this?

Plaza Indonesia LB F43

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