Friday, December 5, 2014

Aceh, Seulawah and Dinner Date

What makes Seulawah interesting is that it looks like a random kiosk in the cluttered Bendungan Hilir area. Yet it turns out to be one of the best Acehnese foods we’ve ever tasted.

A failed attempted to reach a dinner gathering on a deadlocked Friday night took us to Benhil area after office hours. After contemplation, we opted for Seulawah and ordered its Roti Canai Curry right away (yes, we’re too hungry to think). You are never go wrong with Canai and Curry. Then comes Mie Aceh Goreng with Beef, Ayam Tangkap, and white rice for our real dinner. 
Fiona: Do you usually get the soup or fried?
Ruth: Whichever is fine for me.
That doesn’t solve the dilemma. But we end up with mie goreng.
Ruth: Should we still go for rice?
Fiona: Sure!
Well, that’s a lot of carbs.

Our dinner...
Canai is super crispy but it's soft inside and not too oily. Curry is really tasty, you know that very second that it's a curry with quality. Mie Aceh is really tasty too, with generous portion of beef slices, gooey (but not mushy) noodle. It's a little too oily. Ayam Tangkap, which is a fried chicken dish with lime leaves, is very fragrant and delicious. The dish will remind you to Thailand's Pandan Chicken. 

The chili mixture that comes with the dishes is great – even Fiona who usually doesn’t go for spicy food gives it a try. The dinner ends with perfect sips of Es Teh Tarik (Fiona) and Es Kopi Tarik (Ruth). We had a lot of laugh during dinner that we wondered what they put inside the chilli.

Looking around the restaurant, it wasn't the fanciest place we've ever visited. Parking is practically non-existent. Go to the nearby mini markets or hospital across the street for parking. You can also gamble for a spot on the roadside. The restaurant has no air conditioner and it’s a great thing to be ready with cash in your wallet. ATM (in care you need it) is available at convenience stores around the area.

One thing to note is that Seulawah tend to run out of food when it’s late. Come right on dinner time (around  7PM) to make sure you can enjoy the dishes. The place is popular with mostly office workers but there’s no problem on getting a table. Pick the one far back and you’ll get enough light for your Instagram picture.

Where is this?
JL. Bendungan Hilir No. 9, 
Depan Rumah Sakit AL Mintoharjo, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 5708660