Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lasagna Afternoon

The story of our afternoon snack (which can function as dinner) began when Fiona announced the delivery the day before.

Ruth: What food?
Fiona: Lasagna... And it should arrive at two.
It came a little later than 2 but right when we needed a snack.

Opening the box is like opening a treasure chest with golden bars inside. It's just this is a cheese covered lasagna instead.

For Ruth, lasagna is always the last resort of indecisive moment at Italian restaurant. But this one is surprisingly delicious because the meat isn't that sweet and the cheese isn't dominating the flavor. The pasta isn't too mushy although we had difficulty cutting a perfect piece.
Fiona: I need more cheese for my plate
Ruth: This should be more than enough otherwise it will destroy the pasta taste

Since Fiona finish her clean eating,  the stomach refuse to eat  random food. But today she isn't complaining. 
Fiona: I can finally eat something! It feels fresh from the sauce, minced meat and especially the cheese. 

Forget the plate, we rather enjoy it with spoon directly from the package!

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