Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Brick City 

October 2-5, 2014 

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Level 5

The bazaar gathered over 100 brands in culinary, art, home, toys, hobbies, gifts, accessories, photography, food, snacks, ice cream and more. Divided into two parts, the first is the cute little things you can buy (although some of them aren’t too tiny) including Polaroid cameras, and android/smartphone/iphone case. The second one has all the cute delicious things you can eat: organic juice, yummy nasi gemuk, adorable eggettes, popcorn, desserts and chilli in a container.

Our favorite booths:

1. Kite Design Studio
Decor your room in "Pinterest"-way. There's that 3D cardboard deer head that we had our eye on. You can get it from Kite Design Studio. But the booth offers more than just various 3D animal heads made of cardboard. Check out its customized wooden utensils, big signage and wall decor.

2. Oh Prep!
Oh Prep! has various item you needed for preparing a party. From metallic character balloons to paper straws. Everything from decorating the backdrop and paper tableware. So adorable and affordable from 10k. So ready to have a polka dot party later.

3. Del Mare
Del Mare caught our attention the most, with its crunchy fresh seafood, it has no MSG and no transfat, no preservative so we don't have to feel guilty about eating them. Choose from dried shrimp (original, sour cream&onion and balado) or calamari (original and balado), all in vacuum sealed pack (Rp25k each).

4. Nasi Gemuk Citra
Need to spice up your lunch? Cadas (Cakalang Pedas) dan Nasi Bakar Cakalang from Nasi Gemuk Citra should be on your lunch order then. Their Nasi Gemuk is to die for with generous filling and affordable price, but don't stop there, check out the other dishes and find your own favorite.

5. Kelasi
We'd say you're missing something if you haven't tried the well-known dessert, Kelasi. When you can enjoy your selection of various topping with coconut ice cream in a half coconut shell. Their Ketan Hitam is a must-try!

6. Mamago HK Eggettes
Mamago is actually the second eggetes stand we passed by, this time we decided to stop by. Ordering the choco-cheese-choco (which are among their best seller list), we're happy to fill the empty tummy.

When the local shopping center offer a one-hour escape from your desk routine, take it and have fun!

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