Friday, December 5, 2014

Aceh, Seulawah and Dinner Date

What makes Seulawah interesting is that it looks like a random kiosk in the cluttered Bendungan Hilir area. Yet it turns out to be one of the best Acehnese foods we’ve ever tasted.

A failed attempted to reach a dinner gathering on a deadlocked Friday night took us to Benhil area after office hours. After contemplation, we opted for Seulawah and ordered its Roti Canai Curry right away (yes, we’re too hungry to think). You are never go wrong with Canai and Curry. Then comes Mie Aceh Goreng with Beef, Ayam Tangkap, and white rice for our real dinner. 
Fiona: Do you usually get the soup or fried?
Ruth: Whichever is fine for me.
That doesn’t solve the dilemma. But we end up with mie goreng.
Ruth: Should we still go for rice?
Fiona: Sure!
Well, that’s a lot of carbs.

Our dinner...
Canai is super crispy but it's soft inside and not too oily. Curry is really tasty, you know that very second that it's a curry with quality. Mie Aceh is really tasty too, with generous portion of beef slices, gooey (but not mushy) noodle. It's a little too oily. Ayam Tangkap, which is a fried chicken dish with lime leaves, is very fragrant and delicious. The dish will remind you to Thailand's Pandan Chicken. 

The chili mixture that comes with the dishes is great – even Fiona who usually doesn’t go for spicy food gives it a try. The dinner ends with perfect sips of Es Teh Tarik (Fiona) and Es Kopi Tarik (Ruth). We had a lot of laugh during dinner that we wondered what they put inside the chilli.

Looking around the restaurant, it wasn't the fanciest place we've ever visited. Parking is practically non-existent. Go to the nearby mini markets or hospital across the street for parking. You can also gamble for a spot on the roadside. The restaurant has no air conditioner and it’s a great thing to be ready with cash in your wallet. ATM (in care you need it) is available at convenience stores around the area.

One thing to note is that Seulawah tend to run out of food when it’s late. Come right on dinner time (around  7PM) to make sure you can enjoy the dishes. The place is popular with mostly office workers but there’s no problem on getting a table. Pick the one far back and you’ll get enough light for your Instagram picture.

Where is this?
JL. Bendungan Hilir No. 9, 
Depan Rumah Sakit AL Mintoharjo, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 5708660

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Huize Van Wely Buffet Adventure

A lunch buffet voucher brought us to visit Huize Van Wely in Kemang. Although Kemang isn't our usual lunch destination, and to make it more dramatic, we’re stuck in traffic and thunderstorm halfway there. But apparently, nothing stopped us from a good lunch.

Salad Selection
It’s easy to find Huize Van Wely, it’s right on the lobby of Papilion, which also hosts SHY Rooftop. But coming up from the basement parking, we’re a little lost in finding the restaurant reception as there are tables which we believe are part of the restaurant. We took a shortcut and walked though the children store, Petit Pavilion, to reach the restaurant. We were seated at a table outside the restaurant and had to walk to reach the buffet. We’re faced with a silly dilemma of whether we should leave our bags on the chair while we indulge on the buffet.

As Fiona had researched before (she always did), the buffet is Japanese Fusion, prepared by a Japanese Chef, Hideaki Takahashi. We wanted to start properly so the firsts to be on our table were: Wakame Salad, mashed potato and some vegetables. The chef is really fast in helping these two confused lunch-goers, as he humbly pointed out the perfect sauce for the salad in our bowls.
Fiona: (seeing Ruth returned with similar salad) Did the chef help you out picking the sauce?
Ruth: Yeah, I wasn't expecting that. I was picking what I though was Caesar and he told me to use this sauce. What sauce is this anyway?
Fiona: I think this is sesame sauce
Ruth: (after trying the salad) This is seriously tasty!
Fiona: (while eating) They are definitely using very fresh ingredients. Mashed potato is super good!
(It’s a common knowledge between us that Ruth doesn't like greens, so please take this compliment seriously haha)

Entering the main course round, Fiona took Chicken Teriyaki, Stir-Fried Vegetables (Paprika and Mushroom), and Meatball Soup. Ruth added Fried Meatballs to her plate... something that she thought was mushroom covered in bread crumbs and fried. Chicken Teriyaki seems ordinary but it tastes great. There’s something soft but chewy inside the meatball, which Fiona thought was tofu, but remains a mysterious ingredients until now. Soup broth is also refreshing. Well, nothing compares to meatball soup slurped during heavy rain, right?

Dish of The Day
It took them a while to refill with the salmon, so each of us returned for a second trip to the main course area.
Ruth: Finally got the salmon
Fiona: Yes, the chef suggested me to use this sauce with the salmon and this is great. The salmon is fresh, not dry and very moist. It’s perfect with the sauce!
Ruth: We still need to try the dessert...

We’re lagging behind everyone but we still got to try every dessert: Green Tea Choux, Strawberry Cheesecake, a swan bowl of Dorayaki and Mochi, and a shot of Black Sesame Pudding with Crushed Caramel. Every bite is a surprise. The green tea filling is very delicious, the strawberry cheesecake is moist and dense.

Arguably the best (and cutest) dessert ever!
So far, it’s been an adventure. There’s a joy inside our mouth and our heart, especially when the ambiance and decoration is already singing Christmas carols. After enjoying our latte (should have been hot chocolate), we realize we’re late to go back to reality... Oops!

Where is this?
Huize Van Wely
The Papilion, 
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 45AA, 
Kemang, Jakarta
(021) 7191975

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Dill Kind of Lunch

We're stuck with no idea what to have for lunch when a friend tag us for a short trip to Plaza Indonesia because she needed to get her bag from the laundry. Then we remember about Dill.

Serving a combination of sandwiches, pasta and Asian rice dishes, Dill is also home to various good-looking desserts and pastries. Ruth ordered Chicken Ranch Sandwich Set, which includes fries and coffee for additional Rp15k. The sandwich is tasty although the crispy bread made it a little messy to eat. Fiona's Spinach Mushroom Egg is too runny and the sauce is not as creamy as preferred. 
Fiona: How's your Americano?
Ruth: It's okay. You can get this taste anywhere though. Is that your latte?
Fiona: Yes... I thought it was a hot chocolate. I was expecting some latte art. *cry*


We went with two other friends, each with their own perks and favorites. So here's what on our menu:
Blushing Ice Tea (29k)
Chicken Ranch set (48k)
Korean Spicy chicken (34k)
Roasted Duck Noodle (60k)
Spinach Mushroom Egg (55k)

We spotted people working on laptops and having meetings at Dill. With its homey place, hidden under the escalator on LB level of Plaza Indonesia, no wonder many opts for this place for business meetings. Overall it's a great place to visit with friends. It's pretty for pictures too. ATM is nearby which was usually one of our reasons to go out at lunch that day.

We still have to try the dessert.

Dill Interior
Where is this?

Plaza Indonesia LB F43

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lasagna Afternoon

The story of our afternoon snack (which can function as dinner) began when Fiona announced the delivery the day before.

Ruth: What food?
Fiona: Lasagna... And it should arrive at two.
It came a little later than 2 but right when we needed a snack.

Opening the box is like opening a treasure chest with golden bars inside. It's just this is a cheese covered lasagna instead.

For Ruth, lasagna is always the last resort of indecisive moment at Italian restaurant. But this one is surprisingly delicious because the meat isn't that sweet and the cheese isn't dominating the flavor. The pasta isn't too mushy although we had difficulty cutting a perfect piece.
Fiona: I need more cheese for my plate
Ruth: This should be more than enough otherwise it will destroy the pasta taste

Since Fiona finish her clean eating,  the stomach refuse to eat  random food. But today she isn't complaining. 
Fiona: I can finally eat something! It feels fresh from the sauce, minced meat and especially the cheese. 

Forget the plate, we rather enjoy it with spoon directly from the package!

Jo Kitchen
Instagram: @Jo_Kitchen
Contact : +6281287333286

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Brick City 

October 2-5, 2014 

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Level 5

The bazaar gathered over 100 brands in culinary, art, home, toys, hobbies, gifts, accessories, photography, food, snacks, ice cream and more. Divided into two parts, the first is the cute little things you can buy (although some of them aren’t too tiny) including Polaroid cameras, and android/smartphone/iphone case. The second one has all the cute delicious things you can eat: organic juice, yummy nasi gemuk, adorable eggettes, popcorn, desserts and chilli in a container.

Our favorite booths:

1. Kite Design Studio
Decor your room in "Pinterest"-way. There's that 3D cardboard deer head that we had our eye on. You can get it from Kite Design Studio. But the booth offers more than just various 3D animal heads made of cardboard. Check out its customized wooden utensils, big signage and wall decor.

2. Oh Prep!
Oh Prep! has various item you needed for preparing a party. From metallic character balloons to paper straws. Everything from decorating the backdrop and paper tableware. So adorable and affordable from 10k. So ready to have a polka dot party later.

3. Del Mare
Del Mare caught our attention the most, with its crunchy fresh seafood, it has no MSG and no transfat, no preservative so we don't have to feel guilty about eating them. Choose from dried shrimp (original, sour cream&onion and balado) or calamari (original and balado), all in vacuum sealed pack (Rp25k each).

4. Nasi Gemuk Citra
Need to spice up your lunch? Cadas (Cakalang Pedas) dan Nasi Bakar Cakalang from Nasi Gemuk Citra should be on your lunch order then. Their Nasi Gemuk is to die for with generous filling and affordable price, but don't stop there, check out the other dishes and find your own favorite.

5. Kelasi
We'd say you're missing something if you haven't tried the well-known dessert, Kelasi. When you can enjoy your selection of various topping with coconut ice cream in a half coconut shell. Their Ketan Hitam is a must-try!

6. Mamago HK Eggettes
Mamago is actually the second eggetes stand we passed by, this time we decided to stop by. Ordering the choco-cheese-choco (which are among their best seller list), we're happy to fill the empty tummy.

When the local shopping center offer a one-hour escape from your desk routine, take it and have fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pastry and Coffee Story at Authentique

Our business took us to Kemang today. So, our lunch option should be around the usually-crowded-at-night area. Kemang at lunch apparently isn’t bad at all. One turn right next to Papillon, on the road that leads to Hero Kemang, brought us to Authentique. We've seen it online and had been planning for days… determining to stop if we can find the place.

Turns out there was no parking – but you can park at Hero Kemang and hike up a little bit.

The small shop has roughly 12 seats indoor and 6 others on the patio. The decoration will remind you with those little patisseries found on the street of Paris. It feels homey at the same time. When we arrive around lunch time, it wasn't that crowded.
Ruth: Fiona is doing her “healthy food week”, so no lunch except what’s on her box.
Fiona: But I can still order black coffee or tea.
Both of us ended up ordering Long Black (Rp25k) for drinks. They served water with the coffee. 

So there’s only one menu for lunch today: croque-monsieur, a French grilled ham and cheese sandwich, which comes with salad (Rp50k). Served in perfect portion, but guys probably need a second serving. The cheese is a little strong, but the crispy bread balances it well in the end. The sandwich arrives fast and goes in seconds too.

Ruth doesn’t eat vegetables, so she thinks it’s unfair to judge the greens that were sprinkled with egg white.
Fiona: You don’t eat salad…
Ruth: I don’t like vegetables.
Fiona: What kind of cheese is that on your salad?
Ruth: (tasting the salad anyway) it’s not cheese, it’s egg white.

Pastries are the highlight, spoiling the eyes with assortments of Croissant, Danish, Canale, Madeline, cakes, Macaroon, Meringue, Brownies and Moelleux (Molten Chocolate Cake). French Vanilla Custard Doughnut placed on the counter top managed to grab a spot on our takeaway bag alongside with other pastries.

Almond Croissant and Danish Chocolate are both crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Danish chocolate comes with a perfect crunchy layers and nice chocolate filling, but almond isn't there for the croissant. Chocolate Cake is too sweet for our taste but would be a perfect pair with black coffee. You will know it's made with the finest ingredients when you taste it.

For bread lovers, they have homemade bread (multigrain, whole wheat, walnut & raisin, sourdough and baguette (Rp25k – 60k). But make sure to come early for the bread. 

But the best part is the napkin, which comes in the size of medical pill and expanded when you drop in the water. The homey feeling makes us want to return, eat some more and probably dunk some more compressed napkin. It was fun!

(021) 718 00 11
Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
Saturday 7.30AM – 5PM
Sunday 8AM – 5PM